Poop Alarm(PA-100) is a unique device based on a new technology, which is able to detect urine or feces as a baby discharges it and then raise an alarm through a sound and blinking LED light. It can be used for disabled or aged people also. Poop Alarm is activated by detecting the amount of static electricity: it is very accurate compared to other alarm devices that measure humidity, smell, or temperature.
Water Me (FA-100) is a moisture alert that detects how much water is contained in pot soil. It displays soil condition every 3 seconds on green or red LED. It will alert you through red LED light when the moisture level is too low. You can set the alarm at 3 different levels depending upon the plant type, and seasonal and environmental factors. The pole is treated with a tarnish-proof coating. Water Me is easy to install without damaging the plant.
A periodic sampling is required for the monitoring of fermentation process, which is cumbersome and labor-intensive when carried out by an operator. In addition, it is often accompanied by an excessive medium loss and/or microbial contamination. Automatic bio-sampler (Biomate2000A) is designed and developed to solve such problems of manual sampling and thus to offer an effective and reliable on-line sampling system for fermentation process monitoring.
fermentation gas analyzer(LKM2000A) is designed for the monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide in an off-gas stream from fermentor.
It is accurate, reliable and simple-to-operate as it is of plug-and-play type.