LKM2000A는 Fermentation용으로 특별히 설계된 Oxygen(O2) and Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Gas Analyer기기입니다.
설치 및 사용법이 간편하고, Scan방식으로 Multi system (최대5대) operation을 지원하며, Recorder 출력 및 Windows based monitoring software가 제공됩니다.
NDIR sensor determines Carbon Dioxide concentration
Electro Chemical sensor determines Oxygen concentration
Designed for Use with any brand fermentor
High accuracy and long term stability
Built - In Gas sampling pump provides regulated delivery of sample gasses
Built - In Flow meter enables precise control of the sample gas flow rate
Multi Channel(max. 5ch) Operation Unit
Software Calibration by using Air and CO2 reference gas
Linearized Analog output of Data to a Recorder or PLC interface ( 0 - 5Vdc.Standard)
Windows based Monitoring Software (RS232)
The Compact system is 19" standard mounting rack.